Car Battery Service - Paramus, NJ

Car Battery Service

Bring your car to Paramus Hyundai for regular maintenance and chase those emergency repairs away.

Many things affect the expected life of your battery. From the condition of roads to the accessories you have plugged in, your batter life may vary greatly. Do not discount your driving habits either. Do you usually take short drives that would prevent your battery from fully charging, or do you drive 20+ minutes at a time? These factors will affect the expected life of your battery. Replacing your battery before it dies completely will save you on the headache and hassle. Price is about the same for the battery no matter when you wait. However, the costs for a dead battery are far beyond the cash price for the part. Are you missing work because the battery died? Are you on call and need to be sure you can reliably get you from to your destinations? Do not forget the tow and taxi or rental car bills when your batter does finally die. Having a dead battery can be a really headache!

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When you visit Paramus Hyundai, you can rest assured your car being cared for by certified automotive technicians. Our technicians are all fully trained, with hands on experience for several makes and models, so you can rely on them to properly address your automotive needs.

When it comes to replacing your battery, this means that not only the right size battery is being selected, but also that it is being installed correctly. One thing that will drastically shorten the life of a battery is improper installation and the resulting extra vibration.

Car Battery Service

When parts need to be replaced, you have the choice of original equipment manufacturer parts (known as OEM), or aftermarket parts. When you visit Paramus Hyundai, you know you will receive quality OEM parts every time, which means there are no questions about the parts fitting correctly and operating at the specifications originally engineered.

For automotive batteries, there are many different variations available on a vehicle. How many cold-crank amps should you choose? Which brand is the best for your vehicle and driving habits? These are great questions, and most people do not want to invest the time to do the research to find the answers. The qualified mechanics at Paramus Hyundai have done the legwork for you so you can get in and out without wasting efforts that are best spend on other things.

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